Kidding Ourselves: The Hidden Power of Self-Deception - Joseph T. Hallinan
I quite enjoyed it. It seemed very well researched and reasoned. I liked it way better than other, similar books about the power of perception (like The Secret), probably because it detailed scientific observations of this power, instead of going "OH MY GOSH THIS IS SUCH AN AWESOME SECRET THAT WILL TOTALLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE IF ONLY YOU DECIDE TO BE THIS UNREALISTIC, HAPPY-GO-LUCKY PERSON."

Okay, The Secret wasn't that bad. My mom just took it way too literally and now often has this long-suffering, overly cheery and irritating attitude. Plus, I just appreciate this kind of writing style more. I really liked how the author detailed both aspects of self-deception - how it can help us, but also how it can hurt us, something seriously lacking from the Secret.

So, yeah, it was good. I received it as part of a Goodreads giveaway a few months ago and have finally gotten around to review it.